Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello? Is anybody still out there?

I really miss my poor abandoned blog. Don't think I've forgotten you, kind readers. I haven't stopped reading (never!), but I just can't keep up with blogging right now. I'm two weeks away (or sooner) from having our baby, and at this point I'm doing good just to get dinner on the table and keep our toddler diapered.

Incubating a baby is hard work. This is me, two months ago:

This is me, now.

(Photo credits here)

I'll be back this summer!


Barbara said...

ROFL!!!! Oh, I love the second photo, you funny girl!
And, what's this "or maybe sooner"???? There's no stinkin' "sooner" here, oh, no no no!!! We have Operation Nana to execute first!

Nathan Garrett said...

Wow :-)

Hope you have that baby soon!