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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hello, my bookish friends.

I just had a lovely afternoon which I want to share with you. I left the baby napping with my honey, and I walked to the library. Not really a big deal really, but I still feel a happy buzz from the experience.

Normally when I walk, it's with the baby and a hyper dog, so it was a treat to just be by myself. It's still unseasonably warm in the Shenandoah Valley, so it feels like a crisp fall day instead of dreary mid-January. The shortest route to the library is through the downtown of our little historic town. On the way I browsed in a used furniture store, and then lured by the appearance of a sidewalk sale down the street, I found myself right next the sweet shop. Three truffles later, I was on my way again. I found some great books at the library, three CD's I want to burn (I know, I know. But it's my tax dollars, right?), and some yummy magazines. I also got some cute books for the kidlet. On my way home, I walked by the park and took a hilly shortcut through an old cemetery. I weighed my loot when I got home: eight pounds of library goodness!

It's afternoons like this that make me enjoy my life. I only saved 30 cents by not driving, and my $1.58 at the sweet shop will not keep the proprietor in business. But my waist is a little trimmer, the gas tank a little fuller, the town's main street a little more vibrant, and my life is undeniably richer.


Barbara said...

What a nice afternoon! I wish I could have shared it with you,